You Only Live Twice

"One life for yourself and one for your dreams".

"Dentre outras mil, és tu Brasil, Ó Pátria amada"
Whatever, you will be our champions forever. Even heroes make mistakes. And there is no reason not to believe and love the team we have. They fought, lost and got back in field doing the best they could. That’s what football is all about.
I will find your heart beating in this Earth called Heaven
Trying to scream, but silence is quiet.
Right now, I feel like I have only myself. And that’s enough.
I tend to fall in love with characters, not actors or people.
Do not fear failure. Be brave.
Nothing but the true…
There’s no roof above us. We can go as far away as we wish for.
Try to fix something, but you can’t fix what you can’t see. Pretty Hurts.